The Facts about Telehealth

  • “There is no reason to doubt the fact that telehealth is on the rise,” according to the authors of a Sage Growth Partners Report published in 2017 titled, “Making the Connection – Is The Telehealth Market Ripe For A Boom.” More important, they call out dermatology as one of the specialty areas poised to benefit the most from that growth.
  • And, offering a telehealth option for patients is clearly becoming a competitive differentiator for providers. When it comes to patient satisfaction, a recent study shows that 94-99 percent of patients are “very satisfied” with their telehealth visits. In fact one-third of patients surveyed said they preferred a telehealth visit to an office visit. In another 2017 consumer survey, 50 million Americans said they would switch doctors to get virtual visits (up from 17 million in 2015).

The Facts about DermatologistOnCall

DermatologistOnCall is the largest network of board-certified dermatologists in the U.S. who treat more than 3,000 skin, hair and nail conditions online.

Below are some quick facts about our platform:

  • The platform was created by Mark P. Seraly, MD, a practicing dermatologist in the Pittsburgh area.
  • Store and forward technology means that you don’t have to coordinate an appointment with the patient.*
  • It is 100 percent HIPAA and HITECH-compliant.
  • Workflows are customized to meet state medical board regulations and e-prescribing requirements.
  • E-prescriptions are certified through Surescripts, providing patient formulary information.
  • The platform offers functionality for your mid-levels.
  • Private-labeling is available.
  • A dedicated account manager is assigned to provide you with ongoing operational, training, and marketing assistance. And, our help desk is readily available to provide tech and other support to providers and patients whenever they need it.
  • The platform has proven to work especially well for existing patients suffering from chronic skin conditions who need to do regular follow-up with your practice.

*Video is required minimally for the first visit in a handful of states.

How It Works


It only takes a few minutes for a patient to conduct a visit – even less if they are an existing account holder. They simply need to:

  • Complete their profile.
  • Select a dermatologist licensed in their state and a pharmacy for any necessary prescriptions.(Any patients who are directed to the platform from the “Start A Visit” button on your website see only providers from your practice.)
  • Answer some basic questions about their health.
  • Provide a description of their condition, and send a few photos of the affected area of their skin.
  • Submit payment information.


Once the patient completes a visit, you get a notification that they are in your online waiting room.

  • Once you are logged into the platform, you are presented with the patient’s information and photos to review.
  • When you are ready to diagnosis, you can either select from more than 700 pre-populated treatment plan templates saved in the platform or you can create your own.
  • You also can select from a pre-populated list of medications when prescribing.

You have the option to request more information and/or additional photos from the patient if needed to make a proper diagnosis. Patients can only submit one condition per visit. 


The patient is notified when their diagnosis and treatment plan is ready to view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.


  • Pricing depends upon how you plan to use the platform. We would be happy to review options with you over the phone, along with providing a customized calculation of the return-on-investment you can expect for your practice. Click below to request a phone consultation with one of our team members.

  • You can treat any patient in any state where you have a valid license to practice, including your existing patients and patients who are new to your practice. Our platform allows for you to be pre-selected for any patients you direct to the platform.

  • The onboarding process takes one month to complete on average. You are assigned an account manager immediately upon joining the network who works with you to develop a timeline for implementation, covering various aspects of onboarding, including credentialing, training, and adding the necessary information and links to your website and other digital properties to provide patients with easy access to your online practice. We also provide marketing support during the onboarding process and beyond to help you get the word out to patients that you offer online visits.

  • Our store-and-forward technology means providers can review cases and respond to patients when it works for them during the workday versus having to coordinate a time to connect with the patient via phone or video chat. In the few states that require video for the first visit minimally, we make it easy for you to conduct video calls at the end of the process to establish that physician-patient relationship. It only takes our providers a few minutes on average to diagnose and treat a patient online.

  • You have the option to “triage out” any patient you believe either should be seen in the office or whose condition requires a different type of care. If your practice cannot see the patient in-office for one reason or another, DermatologistOnCall can help with a referral.

  • A record of each patient case is maintained on DermatologistOnCall. Providers and administrators are given access to these medical records. A PDF is generated that can be easily downloaded or scanned to your EMR.

  • Currently, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover DermatologistOnCall visits.

  • We provide the option for you to “mark yourself out,” which indicates to us that you are out of the office on vacation or for other reasons and not available to treat patients within the required window of time. If a patient selects a provider who is marked out, they are notified that they can either wait for that provider to return or select another provider.


DermatologistOnCall is the exclusive online dermatology partner for these leading healthcare, retail and pharmaceutical brands.




They work with us to raise the visibility of DermatologistOnCall as another way for patients to access dermatology specialty care quickly and conveniently from leading doctors in the field.


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