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What to do when your child needs dermatology care

Kids suffer from skin, hair, and nail disorders, too. Whether it’s an infant with eczema, a toddler with a suspicious rash, or an adolescent with acne, DermatologistOnCall physicians are ready to help.

The DermatologistOnCall portal features a surrogate function, giving kids the ability to receive the same convenient, quality care our adult patients enjoy. There is no months (or longer) wait for an in-person visit, no skipping school, practice, or playtime for an appointment, and no missing work for mom or dad. On average, patients receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and any prescriptions (if needed) in less than 24 hours.

How online dermatology visits for kids work

The first step is to create a patient account for each child you believe needs to see a dermatologist. When an account is created, it generates a medical record and prescribing ID which will always be tied to the patient. All prescriptions and treatment plans will be found within the patient account. Of course, an individual can serve as a surrogate for as many patient accounts as needed. Surrogates don’t oversee patient accounts forever, either. When the patient turns 18, they will no longer need a surrogate and the account will function as a standard patient account. After creating an account in the name of the child receiving care, the DOC portal asks:

Screenshot of the DermatologistOnCall platform prompting the user to indicate if they are acting on behalf of the patient.

By selecting “yes”, the surrogate is able to begin the attestation process. The system will prompt the surrogate to confirm their relationship to the patient, enter their name, contact information, and birthday. The system will then conduct a VeriCheck to verify the surrogate’s identity. Any information captured in the VeriCheck process is not collected by DermatologistOnCall.
Once verified, the surrogate and patient will proceed through the visit as normal. While younger patients need not be involved in the process, adolescents and teens can benefit from participating in the online visit and in communicating with their online dermatologist alongside their surrogate.

With the pandemic surging, not only is it difficult to schedule an in-person appointment with a dermatologist, but it’s also risky. Taking care online is a simple, safe, and secure way to get kids the expert care they need from the comfort of home.