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What our patients are saying – "DermatologistOnCall made it easy for me to get my dad checked"

By Emily B., Pittsburgh

One Saturday after having just arrived at my parents' house and before I could even say hello to the dog, my mom accosted me, panicked that something was wrong with my dad. Knowing that my mom has a tendency to overreact, I tried to remain calm as she pulled me into the kitchen to look at a mole that had recently appeared on my dad's back. I was immediately concerned. It just didn't look normal. What I also found to be worrisome was that it seemed to pop up overnight. It definitely needed to be checked by a dermatologist.

Our biggest problem was my dad's lack of concern. However, another challenge was the lack of dermatology practices in the area where my parents live. So, not only did my dad not feel the need to get the mole checked, but he also was not inclined to take at least two hours out of his day to travel to a doctor's office just to ease my mother's mind – even if he could get an appointment with a dermatologist anytime soon.
I suggested my dad try an online visit through DermatologistOnCall. Unfortunately, my father is pretty much inept when it comes to technology. (The fact that he still has a flip phone says it all.) Fortunately, DermatologistOnCall allowed me to help him conduct his visit by signing on as a "surrogate."

I downloaded the free app and helped him create an account. His case was submitted, photographs and all, in less than 10 minutes. By the time my dad woke up the next morning, he had a message from his dermatologist. Thankfully, it wasn't skin cancer, but the dermatologist did suggest he come to her office to have the mole removed. And, she made sure he got the first appointment on the next business day.

I can't image how things would have played out if we didn't have DermatologistOnCall as an option. I'm sure my parents would have spent the weekend bickering with my mother trying to talk Dad into making an appointment. And even if he did make an appointment, my mom would have driven herself crazy worrying something was seriously wrong with him. Dermatologist`OnCall certainly made having that mole checked much easier and much less stressful for all of us.

If you or someone close to you has been worrying about a suspicious spot or mole, I would definitely recommend using DermatologistOnCall to get it checked. You can get a diagnosis quickly without ever having to leave the comfort of you home.