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Taking visit photos like a pro

One of the most common questions patients have for our customer support team is, "How do I take great photos for my visit?" It's an important inquiry - when you're being diagnosed through a store-and-forward platform like DermatologistOnCall, images matter.

The DermatologistOnCall platform prompts patients to upload 2-9 photos of the affected area. This offers an opportunity to provide multiple angles, close-ups, and larger-scope pictures to demonstrate the affected area's extent. While not all visits necessarily need nine pictures, the more information you can give your physician, the easier it will be to complete the clinical assessment.

Karin M., Head of Customer Support at DermatologistOnCall, offers this advice:

  • While our providers need to see the detail of the affected area, don't zoom in too much - it can result in blurry images. A clear view of the condition is key.
  • Be sure your lighting is good and use flash if necessary.
  • If the affected area is in a hard-to-reach spot, like the crown of the head or back, have someone else take a photo or use the photo timer on your device.
  • Make sure photos are uploaded in portrait orientation.
  • Be as descriptive as possible in the open text field beneath each photo when uploading images. It's helpful to include more than 'head' or 'left arm.' Describe your symptoms in that specific area. Details are always welcome when diagnosing patients.

Most importantly, don't stress about getting great photos! Your dermatologist can always request updates or communicate the angle of the area they specifically need if it wasn't included in the initial submission. Because DermatologistOnCall offers a 30-day global period, there is no additional charge if new information is needed or if your physician needs an update throughout your month of treatment.

Overall, patients are getting it right when it comes to providing their dermatologists with a good view of their condition - less than 3% of patients need to submit new images. With advances in smartphone technology and an intuitive process for capturing needed photos, store-and-forward platforms like DermatologistOnCall are a convenient and clinically-appropriate way to diagnose and treat the over 3,000 conditions of the skin, hair, and nails.