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On National Doctors' Day, we marvel at providers for their commitment

Every March 30, National Doctors' Day reminds us all not just of our own docs who take care of our health, but of the tremendous progress that's been made in healthcare. The next "frontier" is already well underway: Virtual or telehealthcare. Doctors who have already shown their tremendous commitment to education and residency training just to be able to practice, and then their endurance for seeing high patient loads in their offices, must now learn to adapt to a technology-fueled society. This boundless energy that most doctors possess never ceases to amaze us.

The dermatologists on DermatologistOnCall® recognize that they have an opportunity to extend the way they service many types of patients by conducting online visits – essentially seeing even more patients (or simply being more efficient) by extending care to a virtual care environment. Dermatology is ideal for this approach, since it's such a visually-driven practice area anyway.

The docs on our platform are forward thinkers in offering virtual visits, and the online patients are clearly appreciative. How do we know? See these results from online patient surveys conducted by us in the past year:

  • Nearly 98% of patients said they'd recommend DermatologistOnCall® to someone else.
  • 97% of patients said their online dermatologist was helpful in diagnosing and explaining their condition.
  • Online patients coming back for additional visits ("repeat visitors") on DermatologistOnCall® has been steadily increasing over the past year.

These high levels of online patient satisfaction are the result of the collective excellent response and personalized care plans delivered to them by the dermatologists on our network. So for that, we give a big thanks to our 170+ dermatologists in 34 states! Happy Doctors' Day to you!