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Men, does your skin "got game" during playoff season?

It's fun to tease men as a group for being doctor-shy, so add in the distraction of NFL playoff season, and there's another reason that can be used for putting off care. It's more comfortable in that "man cave" anyway, right?

But men are just as susceptible to skin, hair and nail medical conditions as women — and putting off care for a later date can mean a worsening of certain conditions. Acne, eczema (including dandruff), psoriasis, rosacea, athlete's foot, warts, contact dermatitis and rashes are among the most common conditions and can quickly be resolved with proper diagnosis and medical care vs. postponement or DIY care attempts.

At DermatologistOnCall, our network of dermatologists see a fair number of male patients through our online visits. In fact, here's what men said in our post-visit surveys conducted over the last six months:

  • 100% of the surveyed men said our online visit service was moderately to extremely easy to use. (We swear, that's the actual statistic!)
  • 95% of the men said that DermatologistOnCall was moderately to extremely helpful in diagnosing and explaining their medical condition. (63% said extremely easy)
  • 69% said they used the service for convenience, and 68% said speed was another key reason.
  • Men gave our service a Net Promoter Score of 79 points on a scale range from -100 to +100 — which puts us in the top 25% of companies who are likely to be recommended by customers.

So with those stats and score, we want to make sure men have some amazing skin "game" in 2017. Here's even more that men will like: With DermatologistOnCall, there's no need for travel, appointments, waiting around or even disrobing in an exam room. Visits can be done from the comfort of your couch, game room, or even while at work or on the road.

P.S. If your favorite team is in post-season, good luck!