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It’s time for pumpkin everything, so should I add it to my skincare routine too?

If you've been on social media within the last few weeks, we're positive you've seen at least one post announcing the impending arrival of "pumpkin everything."

We're here today to tell you, you should probably think about adding pumpkin to your skincare routine as well. Yes, that's right; we're jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon too. As it turns out, pumpkin is good for so much more than just pies, lattes, and beer.

Pumpkin contains a number of properties that benefit skin. A few key ways pumpkin can help skin include:

  • Increasing cell turnover – pumpkin is packed full with enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that will brighten and smooth skin
  • Boosting collagen production – Vitamin A and vitamin C are both found in pumpkin, which will help soften/soothe skin, as well as prevent signs of aging
  • Maintaining barrier function of skin – pumpkin seeds are high in both essential fatty acids and vitamin E (these can also regulate sebum, which is great for oily skin)

Unfortunately, we did find one alarming suggestion on multiple sites online. If you are looking for an at-home (DIY) face or body mask/scrub, do NOT add ground pumpkin seeds or almonds/nuts. You'll see that a lot of jagged edges are created when you grind these items, so they can tear and cut skin. Not only can you start bleeding, but you're also at risk for an infection!

So, without using seeds, pumpkin skincare products can be beneficial for your skin. If your skincare routine is in need of a pick-me-up, "see" one of our board-certified dermatologists online. By answering a few questions about your skin, you can receive a care plan online within 72 hours or less.