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Is college bad for your skin?

As you prepare to move away from home, you may be worried about things like buying books, meeting a new roommate or who you'll know in your classes. What most people fail to think about are the conditions you'll face in college that can be harmful to your skin. Take a minute to browse through our top concerns for your skin while you're at school:

Building Great Conditions for Fungal Infections


No matter where fungal infections appear on the body, treatment is important. Without treatment, fungal infections like ringworm (found on the skin and scalp), athlete's foot (found on the soles of feet) and jock itch (found on the groin area) will start to cover a larger area. You can also infect other areas of your body or spread it to others.

These fungi thrive where it's warm and humid. So remember that it flourishes in showers, locker rooms, and indoor pools. We recommend always wearing shoes in public showers, always washing and drying feet before putting on shoes and socks, and never sharing towels or razors that have not been properly disinfected.

Experiencing More Stress


An ever-growing body of research shows a link between the skin and the psyche affecting certain skin conditions. Stress, and distress (feelings of anger, anxiety, depression or tension), can cause an inappropriate release of chemicals by the skin's nerve endings. This can lead to a flare-up of skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

Unfortunately, a flare-up of a skin condition can lead to more anxiety and depression. So it is important to take time to center your emotions. Stress-relieving activities like meditation and yoga are easy to do in almost any location and don't require any supplies or equipment.

Breeding Parasitic Infestations


Bedbugs, scabies, and head lice are all common in areas of close living quarters. The big problem is these little critters are easily transmitted from person to person. These parasites live off blood and usually lead to an inflamed and irritated rash or several welts. Lice and scabies will require medication to get rid of these critters. Getting rid of bedbugs can be more difficult. Medications can relieve bug bites, but most people need the help of a pest-control company to exterminate as these bugs can live without blood for up to a month.

So there you have it: fungal infections, stress, and parasitic infestations could be waiting for you at school if you aren't careful. If you notice any changes with your skin while you're away from home, you can always fit an online appointment with DermatologistOnCall into your school schedule. Simply create a free account at Then, upload a picture of your condition and answer a few medical questions. A board-certified dermatologist will respond, typically within 24 hours, with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Any necessary prescriptions will be sent to your preferred pharmacy.

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