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For busy people and families, seeing a dermatologist has never been easier

Busy people and families can really benefit from greater convenience in their healthcare services. They also want fast peace of mind when they have concerns. Take Renee, a busy mother of two, for example. She noticed something concerning on her child's skin and knew she needed to see a board-certified dermatologist quickly.

Unfortunately for Renee, it was going to be difficult to see her trusted, family dermatologist. The first office appointment was weeks away, and it would be difficult to make time with both her and her child's busy schedule. So she tried DermatologistOnCall. Within 24 hours, she had a diagnosis, treatment plan and a prescription from her family dermatologist – all without leaving home or taking time off work! Hear Renee's story in the short video below:

Visiting a board-certified dermatologist shouldn't mean more work for you. Start a visit with DermatologistOnCall to receive care for over 3,000 skin, hair and nail conditions.