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Five reasons men can love online care

Here are some scary stats: in a study from the Men's Health Network, using data from U.S. Administration on Aging and The New York Times Magazine, men are more likely not to have healthcare coverage, make only half as many physician visits for preventative care, and have a life expectancy almost 5 years less than women.

After reading those, we think it's time to put the "Health" back in Men's Health Month! We sat down with a few of our male coworkers and found five common reasons why they don't want to go to the doctor. We then realized that all of the excuses men used to skip out on appointments were irrelevant to online visits.

See why you or the men in your life can fall in love with online visits, just like our coworkers did:

1. It's just you and the doctor.

"Be a man." "Boys don't cry." "Suck it up." These are just some of the phrases men hear as children. These messages stay with men as they get older, and when they have pain or feel sick, they are less comfortable to address it. So going to the doctor's office, where you see other patients in the waiting room, the front desk staff and the nurse taking your stats before even seeing the doctor, is not the most comfortable place for men. Thankfully with online care, it's just you and your cell phone (or possibly a significant other if you need a picture of your body that you can't easily take).

2. You have the time for an online visit.


This one isn't just related to men, but we hear this excuse most often from the male population – "I don't have time to go to the doctor." We get it. From traveling to/from the doctor's office to the time spent in the waiting room and even the time you use filling out paperwork; it's a lot. A Harvard Medical School study found that the average total visit time for an in-person medical visit is 121 minutes. But don't worry; DermatologistOnCall patients can successfully complete an online visit within 10 minutes. That's right, 10 minutes! Now, can you really tell us you don't have 10 minutes in your day to get an expert diagnosis and personalized treatment plan? (And bonus points for the fact that you don't have to take time off work to see the doctor.)

3. You can stop stressing about that issue that hasn't gone away.


We hear this all the time – "It will probably just go away on its own." But for many dermatologic conditions, delaying treatment will worsen the condition or it will reach the point where it is no longer treatable. For example, recent studies show that the death rate for melanoma is steadily rising among middle-aged and older men. These studies report that men delay seeking care and then present at a later stage of melanoma when it is no longer treatable. Do you really want to take your chances with any medical condition?

4. You know it's going to be hassle-free.


Going to the doctor's office is a lot of work. First, you have to find a doctor, then get their contact information, call them to schedule an appointment, schedule time off work, wait a month until you can finally get in, usually fight traffic to get there and then wait some more before the doctor comes in to see you. It's quite the process. That's why online care is so simple – three steps (create an account, upload pictures, get a diagnosis) to specialty care. Not to mention, you're in complete control of an online visit: when you want to see the doctor, where you want to see the doctor. If you want to upload your pictures at 10:00 on a Sunday night – do it! And possibly the best part? We understand that sometimes your significant other remembers the important facts about your medical history, so you can complete your profile for online care while they are sitting next to you. That way, no one needs to take time off work!

5. You know how much it will cost up front.


Medical insurance is confusing. If you don't have insurance, medical billing is still confusing (and definitely a lot scarier). With DermatologistOnCall, there's no need to worry about surprise health costs. An online visit is $95 out-of-pocket*.

*The $95 fee does not cover the cost of prescriptions or any in-office follow-up appointments.