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Don't get burned by bad info: Tips for choosing the right sunscreen

Summer has arrived along with the sun's warming, but also dangerous, rays. Sunburns damage your skin's DNA leading to wrinkles, dark spots, dry skin, and skin cancer. And, it's important to note that your skin does not have to be blistering or peeling to be burnt – if you are turning even slightly pink, you are burning.

One of the best ways to prevent burns and future skin damage is to apply sunscreen. However, store shelves are loaded with options, making it difficult to choose the right protection. The guide below will help you make smart sunscreen choices this summer:

If you're worried that your skin may be showing signs of sun damage – and especially if you have suspicious spots or moles – you can start a visit anytime and from anywhere with one of our board-certified dermatologists. In as fast as 24 hours, you can have a diagnosis, treatment plan, and any necessary prescriptions.