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Don't flake out on treating dandruff – Dermatologists can quickly help

This past winter, busy business executive Eric (a real patient) was noticing a lot of white flakes on his dark clothing and then a week later, some reddish, dry patches on his cheeks too. He initially hoped to take care of the condition with an over-the-counter dandruff shampoo. After a few weeks of use, it wasn't helping much and the red patches on his cheeks were getting even redder and also flaking. He also noticed small scabs on his scalp in addition to the dandruff flakes.

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He knew a visit to the dermatologist was in order. But Eric travels for work a lot and he wanted to get resolution relatively fast, so trying to coordinate appointment wait times with his own schedule was not appealing to him.

Eric turned to DermatologistOnCall® for an online visit and within a day, learned from an online board-certified dermatologist that he had a medical condition called "seborrheic dermatitis." So what is the condition?

  • It is a fairly common skin condition that mainly affects the scalp, and it causes those scaly red patches of skin and stubborn dandruff.
  • For many patients, it may require longer-term care to manage flare-ups.
  • It tends to be more prevalent in the winter and early spring.
  • Its exact causes are unknown but it may be related to either a yeast on the skin or an inflammatory response.

Get dandruff treated by an online dermatologist.

The good news for Eric and others diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis is that medical treatment leads to a pretty swift resolution of symptoms. In less than two weeks using a medicated shampoo and a prescription cream for his face, Eric's flakes and red facial patches were gone.

This case is also a great example of how dermatologists should be consulted for conditions related to the hair and scalp too. It also illustrates that when over-the-counter or home remedy attempts fall short, more medical "oomph" may be needed to address the condition appropriately and a dermatologist can determine the best course of care. And of course, it demonstrates once again the power of getting high-quality care from an online dermatology visit!