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Don’t spend summer’s end in the waiting room

Do you feel like your end of summer to-do list has taken on a life of its own?

The last days of summer are an exciting, but incredibly busy time of year. With end-of-summer getaways, sports practices, back-to-school shopping trips, preparing college students to move back to campus, and preparing for business-as-usual to pick up again at the office, August seems to fly by.

With so much in front of us, it's easy to let something like skincare slip through the cracks – and with that – dermatology appointments. And, with the last weeks of warm weather and sunshine upon us for much of the country, the last thing many of us want to do is spend a sunny afternoon in a waiting room. As tempting as putting off a trip to the dermatologist may be, there are a lot of great reasons to seek professional help as soon as possible:

  • After spending a season in the sun, you may notice new or changing moles or spots on your skin. It's critical that you have anything new or unusual examined as soon as it's noticed. Skin cancer is most treatable when it is caught early.
  • For parents of teens experiencing acne for the first time, it's important to know that many medications take a few weeks to work. The sooner you see a dermatologist, the sooner your skin will be clear. Starting a visit now will help them put their best face forward as September arrives.
  • If your child participates in contact sports, you should quickly address any suspicious rashes or spots that show up on their skin. Conditions like Ringworm, Impetigo, Acne Mechanica, and Turf Burn can quickly ruin a season. By immediately tackling any unusual changes in their skin, you can keep your athletes healthy and in the game.

Summer is almost over. Take back a couple of hours of your time by taking your dermatology care online.

With DermatologistOnCall, there is no scheduling, no driving, and no sitting in a waiting room. You can do your visit at anytime and from anywhere in a few minutes.

Whether you are a new patient seeking the advice of a board-certified dermatologist for the first time or you have an existing relationship with a provider and need a prescription refill or follow-up visit, conducting an online visit is a great way to get the quality dermatology care you need without sacrificing your limited time off. Just log in to, answer a few questions about your health, and upload pictures of the affected area of your skin. You can expect a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescriptions (if necessary) sent to the pharmacy of your choice in an average of 24 hours.

Start your visit now and celebrate the last days of summer anywhere but the doctor's office.