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DermatologistOnCall is making headlines

In the last month, we've announced two new relationships that are making headlines across the US:


Walgreens' website and mobile app now features access to skin care services for those looking to get quick, affordable dermatology questions answered when they can't get access to a skin care specialist. Through our new relationship, Walgreens will offer visitors the site or app access to DermatologistOnCall, which features dermatology consultations with US-based, board-certified specialists.

Click here to read more about this opportunity for Walgreens customers.

National Psoriasis Foundation

The National Psoriasis Foundation will now direct Patient Navigation Center visitors to DermatologistOnCall for online care and management of mild to moderate cases of psoriasis. Patients who contact the NPF Patient Navigation Center will be offered a special rate to use DermatologistOnCall.

Read more about this opportunity for psoriasis patients here.