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Can your dermatology practice better utilize mid-levels with teledermatology?

Each year, 60% of skin care visits are going to non-dermatologists, which include non-specialists like PCPs, emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, and pharmacy retail clinics. Unfortunately, studies show that treatment by non-specialists leads to delays, misdiagnosis and increased costs for patients. So what can dermatologists, who already have long wait times for patients, do to combat this? Many have turned to mid-level providers to better keep up with patient demand.

The DermatologistOnCall platform makes it easy to add mid-levels for conducting online visits with a review and approval process by a board-certified dermatologist in your practice prior to the final diagnosis and treatment plan being delivered to the patient. The process is simple – after a patient completes an online visit, the mid-level provider reviews the case and provides the diagnosis, treatment plan and prescriptions, which then notifies the overseeing dermatologist to approve. If necessary, the dermatologist can recommend changes to the mid-level with DermatologistOnCall's private messaging, which is visible only to the treating providers. Once approved by the dermatologist, the diagnosis and treatment plan are securely sent to the patient. If prescriptions are necessary, they will then be routed to the patient's pharmacy.

Integrating mid-level providers into online dermatology practices increases efficiency and revenue by improving patient flow, decreasing patient waiting times, expanding access to services and freeing up physician and exam room time to focus on more critical patient care issues and procedures. To learn more about utilizing mid-levels with DermatologistOnCall and see how our online visits mirror in-office appointments, watch this brief video with our Founder and Chief Medical Officer Mark P. Seraly, MD.

If you would like to talk to our staff about DermatologistOnCall and our mid-level functionality, email our team at or request a free demo.