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Beneath the Surface: Things you could do instead of going to the dermatologist’s office


At the end of last year, a Harvard Medical School study found that the average total visit time for an in-person medical visit is 121 minutes. This includes 37 minutes of travel time and 84 minutes in the clinic waiting and filing paperwork. Unfortunately, out of all that time, only 20 minutes are spent face-to-face with the doctor.

That leads us to today's topic. First, prepare yourself – we'll do a little mental math. If an online dermatology visit with DermatologistOnCall takes 10 minutes on average, and the average visit time for an in-office appointment is 121 minutes, patients will get 111 minutes back by doing an online visit with DermatologistOnCall. So…what could you be doing with your life instead of traveling to/from and waiting at the doctor's office? Here is a list of some of our team's favorites:

  1. Watch Prince's "Purple Rain" (the movie), which has a running time of 111 minutes. It is a classic for any Prince fan, and bonus fun fact: it's the only feature film that Prince starred in but did not direct.
  2. Fly from Newark to Chicago, which (I'm sure you guessed) is 111 minutes. Why? Because deep dish pizza – need we say more?
  3. Listen to disc 1 of "Queen: Live at Wembley Stadium." The original Wembley Stadium was an icon, as was/is Queen. So what could be better than 111 minutes with Freddie Mercury, one of rock's greatest entertainers.
  4. Or, for those of you that aren't quite ready to rock, relax with "111 Minutes of Captivating Opera Duets." No really, this is a thing, and it is even available to download if you have Amazon Prime.
  5. Watch an entire professional soccer match. Sounds easy, right? But, rules of soccer make timing a little tricky. Games consist of two 45-minute halves, but the referee has complete discretion to maintain the clock and can (and usually will) add time to the clock at the end of the second half to compensate for stoppages during the game. Got it? Great; go enjoy the world's most popular sport!
  6. Learn a new language. We're not kidding you. Here's an instructional video on learning 600 French words in 111 minutes. We love the internet.
  7. Watch elite runners complete a marathon (almost). We had to throw this one in because it's just so close! A few years ago, the Boston Marathon was completed in 123 minutes, while the world's fastest marathon was recorded at 122 minutes.
  8. Learn the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. In 111 minutes, you can finish almost 4 episodes…which are available for free online.
  9. Play 9 holes of golf (see what we did there). We're starting to see signs of summer, and the grass is looking a lot greener. So why not grab the sticks and enjoy your time outside?
  10. Hang a hammock and take a mid-day nap. Because why not, and studies show we are designed for two sleeps a day.