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How to Fit a Doctor’s Appointment into Your Busy Schedule

acne, breakout, zit, dermatologistGetting an in-office appointment with a board-certified dermatologist is hard. On top of that, appointments that work for doctor’s office can be challenging to fit into a busy schedule. Because of this, we know that many patients turn to other options, like visiting a primary care physician, urgent care clinic or even leaving conditions untreated.

What some patients don’t know, is that dermatologists are specialists in skin, hair and nail conditions. Seeing a non-specialist for a dermatologic condition often leads to misdiagnosis, which can be costly, worsen the condition and make it harder to treat.

So, when your schedule is filled with school, work, social events, sports and other important activities, don’t let your health suffer. Online dermatologists are available on DermatologistOnCall 24/7/365 to give you fast, high-quality care at your convenience.

dermatologistoncall, online dermatology, dermatologistA Convenient Dermatologist Visit

The process is simple. Visit or download our app on the App Store or on Google Play. Create your free account, and then you can upload photos of your condition and answer a few questions about your medical history. Once submitted, a board-certified dermatologist will review and send you a diagnosis and treatment plan (usually within 24 hours). Any necessary prescriptions will even be sent to your preferred pharmacy.

We know what you’re probably thinking – does it work? Yes! While not every single case is suited for online visits (for example, annual full body exams), dermatologists receive extensive training in diagnosing from photographs and are fully prepared to see you online. And, you can feel secure knowing that DermatologistOnCall is 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

Online Dermatologist Visit Costs $59 or Less

An online visit on DermatologistOnCall is $59, but may be less if your insurance is accepted, if you purchase a multi-visit package, if you have a promotional discount code, or if you get reimbursed through your HSA, HRA, or FSA. So if you’re ready for an online visit now, click the button below to get started.

Start an Online Visit

*The online visit fee does not cover the cost of prescriptions or any in-office follow-up appointments. There is no limit to the number of online visits for which you can use the promo code. Discounts cannot be used in combination with accepted insurance plans. Offer expires at 11:59 PM PST on August 31, 2016.

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