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One Patient’s Perspective

For busy families, finding a doctor’s appointment that fits into a jam-packed schedule is a challenge. When faced with long wait times and limited appointment availability, that challenge becomes a near impossibility.

Rather than juggling appointments, dealing with heavy traffic, and sitting in waiting rooms with anxious young ones, parents are getting immediate help for their children by bringing the dermatologist into their homes through DermatologistOnCall. Using a smartphone, laptop, or other mobile device, families can conduct visits online with a dermatologist of their choice rather than deal with the hassle of external appointments.

Jodi, a busy mom with a demanding career, took advantage of the ease and convenience of DermatologistOnCall when her eight-year-old daughter needed the attention of a dermatologist.

“It’s a challenge to get my daughter to a doctor’s appointment of any kind – everything from scheduling the appointment, to taking time off work and taking her out of school, to making the trip to the doctor’s office, and the wait once you get there.”

When her daughter developed an irritating skin condition, she made an appointment with her primary care physician (PCP), who prescribed topical medication. When the condition didn’t improve, her PCP recommended she take her daughter to see a dermatologist.

“I tried to get an appointment with a dermatologist, but because my daughter’s condition wasn’t considered to be urgent, the wait for an office appointment was three months.”

Three months would be too long a wait for her daughter’s problem. Fortunately, Jodi was able to take advantage of DermatologistOnCall and was delighted to learn that she could choose a doctor that fit the needs of her and her daughter.

“There were names on the list that I knew. After seeing their photos and reading their bios, I immediately felt more comfortable with the service. The doctors had practices in my area.”

The visit itself was simple. It took about 10 minutes time and a few photos for Jodi to have her daughter’s condition checked when and where it was convenient for her.

“I could conduct the visit when it was convenient for me. And, it was easy, and it only took about 10 minutes. I answered some general questions about my daughter’s health, described her condition, and uploaded a few photos of her skin. That was 6 am on a Thursday morning. A little more than a day later, I had a message from the doctor. I got a diagnosis and treatment plan so quickly, and the prescription was sent to my pharmacy electronically. I just had to pick it up.”

Within a few weeks, Jodi’s daughter’s condition had significantly improved. Jodi raved about the service telling us:

“I am so excited to have found DermatologistOnCall. I wish I had known about it sooner. I will definitely use it again, and I recommend it to everyone I talk to.”

If you or a loved one has a skin condition that you believe might need attention, but you can’t get an appointment with a dermatologist anytime soon, or you are having trouble finding time in your busy schedule to get to a doctor’s office, considering conducting your visit online through DermatologistOnCall. With just a few minutes of your time and a few photos, you can have your case reviewed by one of our board-certified dermatologists anytime and from anywhere. In an average of 24 hours, you’ll have a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of your choice if necessary.

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